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Our Misson
  Arabic is central to Islam and Muslim civilization. There is enthusiasm for learning the language among all ages, especially the youth. The absence of Arabic teaching books rooted in the American experience led to the establishment of Noorul Iman Institute (NII) in 1997. Since, its founding, NII has published 15 books and teaching aids for students and teachers.

The Institute's Arabic language textbooks for Islamic schools fit to all ages and levels. NII was established in Chicago with the objective of developing a curriculum and textbooks for the Muslim youth, especially those born in the West. Textbooks have been tested and approved by several Islamic schools in the U.S. NII's Arabic for Children book was written for the Chicago Board of Education, according to the Board and Illinois State guidelines for bilingual Arabic

Company Profile
  Noorul Iman Institute, Inc. was founded by Hasan Batroukh. NII is not affiliated with any other companies and is run in Oak Lawn, Illinois by the following:

 Hasan Batroukh [President]
 Abeer Batroukh [Vice President]

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